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  • Matters relating to trade and tariff 
  • Administration of Customs duty waivers under section 19(A) of the Customs Ordinance 
  • Matters relating to refund of duties & taxes under section 22(A) (5) of the Customs Ordinance
  • Customs bonding facilities under section 69 of the Customs Ordinance
  • Reviewing of appeals on Customs & BOI matters 
  • Import duty revisions and publications of Government Revenue Protection Order
  • Granting approval for disposal of vehicles and other goods imported with duty concessions
  • Review of duty waivers and matters relating to relavent gazettes 
  • Permission for temporary imports under section 22 of the Customs Ordinance
  • Administrative matters on items coming under lists of exemption
  • Formulation and Supervision of Government development policies and programmes
  • Overall Supervision and co-ordination of development schemes (Credit and subsidy programme)

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